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I’m all YSA’ed Out

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Enough already with “You Suck, Asshole” – I really don’t care that much either way. The only thing that really bothers me is the lack of a game this weekend. I’m not offended by the chant as I barely consider “asshole” an expletive. I was surprised to learn that people were actually really bothered by it. The chant is funny the first couple of times you hear it, then it becomes old really fast. Like many others, I do find it derivative, unoriginal and fairly stupid. The Sons of Ben can do better.

I don’t see the sense in clinging to this loser to make some misguided point. The Philadelphia Union is running a business and gets to make the rules at their place of business. It’s hard to criticize the SoB leadership for trying to work with the team on this one. Despite what some of the more deluded SoBs believe, fans don’t actually have any leverage over the team. The Union is going to do what it wants, when it wants, and will enforce any rules it deems appropriate. The SoB leadership is just doing what is necessary to retain the privileges that the group already has.

The only thing businesses understand is money. Fans will only gain some leverage if they are willing to stop handing their money to the Union. I doubt this something many diehard fans will be willing to do. Instead, they will just keep complaining while the Union continues to chip away at fan privileges. The naïve belief that the Union is obligated to bow to SoB demands because Philadelphia wouldn’t have an MLS franchise without SoB support only gets you so far. Now that there is a team, the ongoing operational needs of the business are going to push those considerations into the background. As far as getting a franchise, a viable ownership group and over $70 million in public financing for a stadium probably had more to do with it.

Lost in all of this are the other 16,500 fans in the stadium who are ones that are really subsidizing the cost of the River End tickets, many of whom pay dues to the SoBs. Not all of these people are mindless lemming suburbanites looking to dump on the SoBs narrowly focused agenda. Many are not even part of conventional nuclear families. They are single people, DINKS, Latin American immigrants, European expatriates and suburban families, many of whom don’t have a problem with YSA. That’s just the people around me.

Let’s give YSA and any other goal kick chant a rest until something really better comes along. It’s ludicrous to keep whining about this situation while other genuinely stupid, offensive and illegal Union practices go on unabated.


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On Union Dues, K. Murphy suggests “Eat More Bimbo!” I think it’s brilliant.

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